Aneros SGX

Aneros are the simply the best prostate massagers currently available. No other products come close to delivering the intensity of orgasm and ultimate pleasure. If you're looking for prostate stimulation, look no further than Aneros.

The Aneros SGX


This review will take a look at the Aneros SGX prostate massager. The SGX is one of the classic Aneros products and still delivers amazing performance!


- Tip size: 0.65"
- Ribbed stem for stability
- Standard perineum tab
- For beginners and men 5'6" and shorter


Aneros suggest the SGX was originally designed for the Asian market. As such, it is smaller than other models and is great for men 5'6" and shorter, or for those who are interested yet apprehensive about prostate stimulation.

For beginners who are looking to experience their first prostate orgasm, the SGX is ideal as it delivers shorter penetration and is not as aggressive on the male g spot. The experience is pleasurable and not overly frightening for the new user!

The SGX is anatomically designed, meaning it is very comfortable and provides a good level of stimulation. As with other models, the external perineum tabs allows for an external perineum massage in conjunction with the prostate. The orgasm power of this particular model is around 70-80% for the experienced user, but anywhere from 90-110% for beginners.

The SGX is available in classic white, the standard colour for Aneros products. The smaller nature of the product means it is at the lower end of the price spectrum, but don't let that deter you if you're looking for quality.

There are several negatives about the SGX. Firstly, if you're an experienced user or over the recommended height, forget about this model as it's far too small to deliver the kind of orgasm you're used to and would expect. Secondly, we found the external tabs to be quite fiddly and awkward to use, resulting in a rather frustrating experience.

Overall Rating

We've given the Aneros SGX prostate massager an overall rating of 91%.

The SGX is definitely made for the smaller user; if you're over 5'6" forget the SGX and look at other models like the Helix or MGX. Also the external tabs can be an issue for folk with larger hands. Despite this, the MGX delivered a good orgasm, and was enjoyable overall.